The Changing World of VMS/MSPs

Vendor Management Systems (VMS) and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) created a seismic shift in the staffing world. For decades, staffing was all about building relationships, and providers spent a great deal of face time with both clients and candidates. With the rise of VMS technology and MSP services, staffing became more transactional. But what is the future of VMS and MSPs?

“Artificial Intelligence is utilized at CSSvSource to find patterns in hiring managers preference which predicts who might be short listed for future roles. This increases the chances for greater client and candidate experiences. Don’t underestimate the power of a relationship and touch, CSSvSource is very customer service minded and picks up the phone regularly to ensure the right match!” says Sharon Tsao, CMO, Contemporary Staffing Solutions.

A Personal-Digital Hybrid

Thanks to technology, cloud services and mobile applications it is entirely possible for staffing companies to vet and hire contingent workers without ever meeting them face-to-face. This creates speed for staffing companies and the VMS/MSPs they work with, and it creates convenience for workers who don’t want to spend hours and hours on the administrative aspects of working with a staffing firm. Today, people just want to get to work and VMS/MSP technology is facilitating that goal.

However, VMS/MSPs are starting to re-examine their delivery models. Speed and cost are still the highest priorities, but there will always be clients and talented people who want the personal touch that comes with talking to recruiters face-to-face and developing relationships. Many providers are attempting to put that personal aspect back into their services, creating a hybrid between personal and technological service delivery.

Expanding To Reach New Clients

There is also an evolutionary shift coming in the form of the new VMS/MSP client. Historically, VMS/MSPs have worked with large corporations that needed high-volume solutions, leaving midsize companies with the same needs out in the cold. Those smaller organizations could not provide the profit margins VMS/MSPs need to sustain their service delivery model.

However, as VMS and MSPs continue to improve efficiencies, many are embracing midsize companies and modifying their processes to accommodate the needs of this new clientele. Historically, the VMS/MSP model has been about applying a single process to every client, but in today’s environment, customization is a necessity because of the complexities of staffing. Watch for more providers to open their doors to midsize companies and provide solutions tailored specifically to those markets.

Expanding Data And Metrics

Data is another area where VMS/MSPs are rapidly evolving. Data and metrics have always been a key advantage to these services, but those data points and metrics have also been quite limited. A VMS/MSP can only see their own historical data, creating a limited picture of needs, progress and success. This limited data access has often made it difficult to base decisions on anything other than pricing.

Evolving VMS/MSPs are incorporating external data into their programs to create a much more robust and clear picture of a client’s needs. They are incorporating a host of new information into their programs that provide not just historical analysis but also predictive analysis to provide clients with guidance about future labor rates, talent availability and more.

Are You Ready For the Benefits of a Modern VMS/MSP?

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