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Refer A Friend

Do you have a friend looking for a new opportunity?

Refer them to CSS for your chance to make:
- $250 for CSS PSG permanent positions
- $100 for CSS PSG temporary positions
- $500 for CSS Tec positions

All you have to do is fill out the form below!

*Rules for CSS PSG: The friend being referred must be placed at a permanent role by CSS for 30 days minimum in order for individual referring to receive $250 fee. *Individual that refers a friend for a TEMPORARY position through CSS MUST currently be on assignment with CSS and will qualify for a $100 fee once referral works 100 hours. Direct Hire Referrals: Candidate who is giving a referral does not have to be employed by CSS to be paid out bonus. Temporary Referrals: Candidate who is giving a referral MUST actively be on our CSS payroll.

*Rules for CSS Tec: Click here to Refer A Friend to CSS Tec.