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Managed Services

Headcount, Forecast, Spend, Diversity, Attrition, Centralized Program, Vendor Analysis, Efficiency, Optimization
Compliance, Audit, Tenure, Mitigate Risk, Governance, Best Practices, Standardization, Streamlined, Rate Card Optimization
Contract Management, Centralized Program, Spend Data Centralized, Consolidation, Improves Accuracy, Saves Time
Vendor Performance Review, Client Business Review, Service Level Agreements, Time to Fill, Meaningful Metrics, Assignment Performance, Compliance, Decision Criteria
Spend Trends, Data Analytics, Trend Analysis, Burn Rate, Project Run Rate, Custom Approval Hierarchy, Resource Planning

CSSvSource: Workforce Strategy Leaders

Founded in 2007, CSSvSource was created in response to our clients’ need to hire faster while improving quality, providing meaningful metrics and assisting with risk mitigation. As a leading provider of Managed Staffing Programs (MSP), we enable employers to more efficiently and cost-effectively hire talent and manage contingent staffing with a flexible solution.

Whether you need technical, professional, clerical, or industrial support, CSSvSource will take 100% responsibility for every aspect of your contingent workforce, including the procurement of talent, selection of staffing providers, quality assurance, compliance, payroll and reporting.

Managed Staffing Programs

An on-site or remote workforce service offering designed to improve talent quality while furnishing savings, ensuring compliance and providing risk mitigation.

Vendor Managed Services

Accompanied with a Managed Staffing Program, we will provide an intuitive vendor management service tool which allows full cycle transparency into data.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Outsource a component of your staffing needs to CSSvSource and via a statement of work, we will exceed your expectations in quality, quantity and value!


“We have many years’ experience working in this capacity and have built a strong database of processes as it relates to operating and contributing to this format of staffing. It should be known to the CSS management team that this VMS is of the highest caliber of professionalism and integrity.

From the highest level of communication all the way down to the billing processes, the CSS team is best in class. It never ceases to amaze me how communicative and helpful Stacie and Kendra are. In addition, the VMS policies were built to be followed and your team always takes them seriously. We are constantly impressed regarding the level of kindness and courtesy and it is always a great pleasure to interact with everyone on this VMS team.

Finally, we feel that the VMS team cares about the success of our organization- for example, when the insurance requirements were increased, the VMS team offered a wonderful resource in order for us to increase our premiums at a cost effective rate- we can’t thank you all enough for that one! It has truly been a great experience to be a part of the CSS family.