Recruit Better Candidates (and attract clients!) by Improving Your Email Subject Lines

Email is still an effective means of attracting new candidates or even clients to your business. While it is very true that most people are overly SPAM sensitive, with the right subject lines, you can guarantee that your emails will not only get noticed, but opened and acted upon.

Your subject line is incredibly vital. Most of today’s smart phones will display the subject line when a new mail notification pops up and most email programs do the same thing. If you want to grab someone’s attention right off the bat, you’ve got to have a hard hitting and enticing subject line.

Let’s look at a few techniques and tricks that you can use to ensure your emails are getting opened.

Get Right to the Point

While you are limited in space on your subject line, you need to get right to the point. Vague subject lines are usually glossed over. So, for example, let’s say you’re trying to attract a candidate with your email. Sample subject lines would include, “We are recruiting for a new VP of Sales and think you are the perfect candidate,” or “We are currently recruiting and want to network with you.”

You’re getting right to the point and complimenting the receiver all in the same breath. This technique is a very solid way to get your emails opened and will increase the amount of response you have.

Make it Personal

Instead of focusing on a subject line that is meant for several people, ie: we need professionals, personalize your approach by using words like “you.” This takes away the feeling of potential spam and lets the recipient know you’re not contacting a bunch of people, and gives the impression that you’re taking the time to go through and craft each email individually, (even if you’re not!)

What’s In It For Me?


These techniques also apply to emails that you’re sending out to your customers and clients. Always remember WIIFM when you’re crafting an email subject, no matter who your contact may be. Sit back and think about what is going to resonate with your contact, what they personally want to hear. For a candidate, the WIIFM would be the compliment and the potential to start a great new job. For clients, it would be a way to save money, or improve their business.

Simply by taking a little extra time and crafting subject lines that will intrigue your contents will greatly increase your chances of getting the response you want, instead of being ignored and deleted.

What techniques do you use when you’re contacting  candidates or clients?

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