Computer Science Makes a Comeback

Although in recent years, degrees in computer science waned in popularity, incoming college freshman are being lured into this program by the promise of high-dollar salaries and plenty of jobs. 2012 is set to have a record amount of applicants for this degree program, and the figures from last year are already looking positive for job placement.
According to Mark Stehlik, the assistant dean for undergraduate education at Carnegie Mellon’s School of Computer Science, “One hundred percent of our seniors were placed last year. About 15 percent went to graduate school. The rest had jobs. We saw the return of the six-figure offer.”
Those are impressive figures, but what does this mean for your IT department?

1. Broader field of choice. If you’re looking for new hires in your IT department, chances are you’re going to have a broader range of choice in 2012 and the years to come. This means that finding the right candidate for the job will be easier than ever. Schools are being picky with their applications and only the best are making it in these degree programs. That means you’ll have a better class of highly qualified applicants.

2. Higher expectations. This new boom in computer science also translates into applicants wanting a little more, and an increase in competiveness in hiring practices. This may mean having to offer higher salaries and better benefit packages in order to attract the right candidate for the job. Spurred by high-dollar dreams, many candidates are going to expect a hiring bonus as well as some stock options. Be prepared to do what it takes to get the right candidate – it will pay off in the end.

A greater interest in IT jobs and computer science can spell great success for the years to come for your company. This is an ideal time to stack your IT department with today’s best and brightest new hires.