Women’s Equality Day | There’s more work to do

It is our honor to celebrate National Women’s Equality Day here at Contemporary Staffing Solutions. First established and celebrated in 1971 and designated by congress in 1973, National Women’s Equality Day celebrates the “Susan B. Anthony” Amendment better known as the 19th amendment granting American women the right to vote. Not all women, though, were granted this initial right; women of color fought for this right decades later until they too were granted suffrage. As we continue into the 2020s, we simultaneously celebrate obstacles we’ve overcome and continue the pursuit of complete equality in the near future. Women are still earning 82 cents on the male dollar. Women still experience disproportionate sexism in the workplace. But women still fight, lobby, and climb despite the discrimination that lingers to this day.

Today, women earn more high school, college, and graduate diplomas than men. Women, though still behind men in STEM, are advancing in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics more than ever before. So, take time to thank the women in your life who’ve laid the painstaking groundwork toward equality. Go out and support a women-owned business. But whatever you do, don’t stop appreciating and fighting for women at midnight, on August 27th; this is a 365-day movement. From Contemporary Staffing Solutions, thank you, women!


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