Micromanagement Isn’t Always a Bad Thing – If You Proceed With Caution

When you hear the word micromanagement, most likely your initial reaction isn’t positive. The general consensus in the business world seems to be that micromanagement is a behavior to be avoided at all costs. But it can actually be a useful tool for managers, provided they use it correctly.

The idea of micromanagement taken to the extreme is what gives the practice its bad name. When managers are overly concerned about the work of the people they’re supposed to be managing, their own work can fall by the wayside. This ultimately hurts the company because no one is at the helm, not to mention you have a lot of frustrated employees.

Here are some ideas about how to harness the power of micromanagement for good:

Know what’s happening in your workplace.

Good micromanagement really just means being involved in the relationship between employee and employer. It requires knowing what your employees are up to, what their job requirements are, and seeing how that affects the rest of your company. It means being able to see the smallest detail of your workplace without losing sight of the big picture.

Create a structure.

At its core, management is about directing people. People need structure to excel. So while it’s a nice to think that all of your employees can meet all of their responsibilities with no oversight, it’s unrealistic. Make sure that you’re providing structure by setting goals, letting workers know what’s expected of them, and drawing boundaries when necessary.

Be honest about what you’re doing. 

When you start practicing micromanagement, keep in mind that how you frame your increased presence is important. Explain why you’re doing what you’re doing. If it’s temporary, like if you’re learning the work habits of a new employee, or if someone is transitioning to a new position, make that clear. If you’re after better results or performance, let your employees know that as well.

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