What Your Boss Really Wants to Hear

No matter how it may seem some days, your boss is part of your team. Your success is their success, and vice versa. Your boss is looking for help and support from you. Believe it or not, no matter where you are on the totem pole, there are some things your boss is dying to hear you say; things that can help you look good and help your boss look good.

“Developing a strong relationship with your boss is important from day one. Since joining the team at CSS, I have made it a point to be transparent with my boss on what my goals and intentions in my position are. Not only is this beneficial to your professional growth but also vital to the success of your organization. Speaking up while displaying high emotional intelligence are two of the biggest keys to success in any career!” Says Marybel DiScala, Digital Branding & Marketing Leader at Contemporary Staffing Solutions.

“I Have An Idea”

If your team is facing a challenge that seems difficult to overcome, if you notice bottlenecks in workflow or other recurring issues, feel free to step up and share your ideas on how to solve those issues. Your boss and other company leaders are only human, and they are often quite removed from what actually happens day-to-day. Some of the best ideas on how to solve problems come from employees, and even if your idea isn’t implemented, your boss will be glad you stepped up and contributed.

“I Can Help With That”

Nothing is more frustrating to a manager than having to hunt people down or force them to work on a project. By raising your hand and volunteering for task or project that might not be the most fun or even the most interesting, you will set yourself apart from the team. Managers need people they can rely on, and stepping up shows that you are ready for more responsibility and that you want the team to succeed.

“We May Have A Problem”

Lots of employees are afraid to speak up when they see failure coming down the line. Sometimes, it’s due to a difficult boss, but even if you are afraid, it’s much better to raise your hand and warn your boss before the proverbial train goes off the rails. We’ve all heard stories of teams and businesses that fail because too many “yes men” and “yes women” were afraid to be honest about what was going on around them. If you spot a potential issue don’t be afraid to say something early.  Bosses like employees who make them look good, so even if you have to deal with a small hassle today, your willingness to speak up will be remembered down the line.

“I’m Looking To Strengthen My Skills”

Even if you’re a whiz at your current position, you have room to grow. Speaking up and telling your boss that you’d like to improve your current skills or learn new skills says that you are also looking to grow with the organization. Don’t be afraid to speak up about your desire to attend a conference or workshop, pursue a certification or degree, or attend classes. Your boss can be a good resource for securing tuition or registration assistance/reimbursement, and she will remember your initiative for future projects and responsibilities.

“Thank You”

Employees expect their bosses to say thank you, but how often do you thank your boss? Managers and supervisors spend a great deal of time listening to people complain about their task list, their coworkers, their clients, the temperature of the break room, paper jams in the printer, etc. They rarely feel appreciated. The next time your boss does something to help you out, take two seconds to offer a sincere, “thank you.”

If you are looking to improve your talent acquisition, hiring and retention strategies to hire team members who aren’t afraid to speak up and step up to the plate, partner with a market leader. Contemporary Staffing Solutions is a nationally-recognized expert in staffing and recruiting. Contact us today to learn how CSS can help you achieve your goals.

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