Are You Unintentionally Committing Resume Fraud?

When you’re putting together a resume, it might not seem like that big of a deal to embellish your skill set, or add an extra month to a job to fill a time gap. Some human resource professionals estimate that up to a third of resumes have false or misleading information, which makes companies more careful during the hiring process. They’re more likely to do background checks, test your skills, and conduct additional interviews before they’re willing to take a chance on you. Here are some things that you can do to make sure your employer won’t see you as a risk:

Keep your resume accurate.

Go through your resume and make sure you double check things like dates of employment and specific job titles. If you want to list a more common job title on a resume to give a better idea of what your position entailed, that’s fine, just make sure you include your official title as well. If you have an online networking profile, like LinkedIn, make sure that you list the exact same dates and titles. Any inconsistency will raise questions.

Know what problems might arise.

Stay on top of things that may raise a red flag in a background check, such as having a criminal record or being a victim of identity theft. If you’ve changed your name at any point in your life, make sure you make your interviewer aware of that so they know what name to search under to verify your school history or employment. Having an answer ready for an inevitable question makes you seem less suspicious.

Just be honest.

That covers unintentional resume fraud, but what about intentional dishonesty? You may think that you’re giving yourself an edge by padding your skills or experience, but when you’re found out–in this day and age, it’s when, not if–you will almost certainly be let go from your position, and you’ll be trying to find a new job with a reference who can only say negative things about you. It may be tempting, but you’re only hurting yourself.

Do you need help putting together a resume that’s honest but still competitive? Get in touch with a staffing specialist at Contemporary Staffing Solutions. We’d be happy to find out about your skills and experience and help you find a job that you can find success with.