Tips For Choosing The Right Staffing Firm For Your Business

When it comes to staffing firms, you have an endless list of possible partners you can choose from. However, selecting strong hiring strategies are vital to the success of your business, so it is important to choose a firm that will deliver results and provide measurable returns. If you are considering a staffing partner for your business, here are the important things to consider as you weigh your options.

Do They Specialize in Your Niche?

You wouldn’t go to a cardiologist if you needed brain surgery. Specialization matters. Every industry – and every niche within an industry – has its own, unique recruiting challenges. If you want to truly rise above your challenges and get real results from a staffing firm, choose a company that has a proven track record in your field and has spent years in the market.

At CSS, we have six dedicated service lines devoted to specific verticals: Accounting/Finance, Sales/Marketing, Recent Graduates, Call Center/Office, Human Resources, Salesforce and Information Technology.

How Do They Find Talent?

Recruiting is an investment, and understanding that in the contingent space, the client does not pay anything, unless a candidate is selected and agrees to being hired! The right matches for your company are best pushed against the culture of your company so take a minute and explain that! The job seeker could be either actively searching or the passive candidate who is casually listening to opportunities. Either way, according to a recent study, a high percentage of people between the ages of 18 to 54 are checking out new jobs regularly because it easy! Dig in and find a true partner that wants to learn your culture and really understand why the search is being conducted. Did an A Player quit? Is this a newly created opportunity? Or do you need to upgrade the weakest link on your team? Agree on whether or not the position is confidential and trust that your business partner will keep you informed of what the market place is saying till you have a few really great choices!

“At CSS we focus on coaching to properly managing your expectations, following up with feedback and insightful business intelligence, but most importantly finding the best match with a great sense of urgency!” says Sharon Tsao, CMO, Contemporary Staffing Solutions.

How Do They Ensure Great Matches?

If you are considering working with a staffing firm, you are probably very familiar with the costs involved with making a bad hire. There is little sense in working with an agency if they cannot deliver better results than you have achieved on your own. As you evaluate potential partners, learn as much as you can about their process for evaluating candidates based on your unique needs. How do they know that a candidate they present to you will be successful in your role?

At CSS, Our process minimizes bad hires and saves customers valuable time with our three point touch system by the Sourcer, Recruiter and Account Manager. 

Do They Have Real Competitive Advantages?

Why should you care? Because a company that focuses on quality assurance takes the time to layer their various recruiting methods and inspect them with surveys and phone calls and feedback!  Anyone can make sweeping claims about their success rates so ask the question of who is held accountable for quality, and how many ways do they go about collecting real feedback?

At CSS, we are actually helping our clients be successful. A healthcare client in the Philadelphia area saw customer satisfaction rates jump 15% after hiring volume CSS contractors at its customer service call center. Our real competitive advantages are carefully evaluated and strive to measure effectiveness, preferred, innovate, committed, and tenured.  Ask us how we do it!

How Happy Are Their Internal Employees?

You can tell a lot about a staffing firm from the way they attract and retain their own talent. Happy employees are productive, successful employees. Don’t be afraid to ask any potential firm about their own internal hiring and retention processes, as well as their company culture. Successful firms should be willing and able to do a bit of bragging about their ability to build a great team.

At CSS, 70% of our entire staff has been with us on average greater than 9 years; and those team members have been integral in our growth as an organization. We are growing, and have advanced training programs designed to help our new hires reach great levels of success and turn into a seasoned CSS employee.

We are a company that exudes unwavering honesty & integrity. We respect our clients & candidates equally while keeping their best interest in mind. Everyone at CSS operates with the highest business ethics. We always apply a winning spirit in our approach. The CSS team coaches you with current business intelligence so that we can manage your expectations. We have a team-oriented environment and truly support one another! It’s what makes CSS great and most importantly, FUN to work for!

How Long Have They Been in Business?

When it comes to staffing, time matters. Companies that have successfully helped their clientele weather storms like the Dotcom bubble, the Post- 9/11 economy and The Great Recession have what it takes to help you succeed today, tomorrow, and well into the future.

CSS has been partnering with business since 1994, and we are willing and able to help our clients achieve their staffing goals, regardless of the challenge. Our test of time comes with a solid reputation in the staffing industry, and pipelines of quality candidates who are ready for their next great career move!

If you are ready to partner with an expert team, reach out to CSS today.

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