Three Ways to Reduce Your Time to Hire

Wouldn’t it be amazing if the perfect candidate was looking for employment right when you were looking to fill an open position? Unfortunately, the heavens don’t usually collide quite like this and employers need to have a solid hiring strategy in place. With careful planning, you can decrease the amount of time it takes to find, interview, hire and train new staff, saving you time and money.

Three ways to shorten the hiring process:

  • Clearly define your recruitment team. The staff members you appoint to handle all aspects of the hiring process should have a clear understanding of their roles. Create best practices for what needs to happen when throughout the hiring process. This can cut down on back-and-forth and get workers into seats and up to speed in a shorter amount of time.
  • Always be recruiting. You have no way to predict when the best candidates will be seeking employment. But if you utilize methods that draw in potential employees on a regular basis—such as social media interaction, a corporate website, attendance at job fairs or other industry events, etc.—the marketplace will constantly be exposed to your company. This will allow your recruiters to develop a list of potential candidates to keep in their back pocket for when it comes time to hire. If a contact has since found employment, that’s OK. Remember that passive candidates are still potential candidates if the job offer is right.
  • Work with a staffing partner. Staffing firms are experts at what they do, and stake their reputation on finding their clients best-fit employees quickly and cost-effectively. A staffing partner can take over the entire hiring process, freeing up you or other staff members on your team to take care of other important tasks.

Once you find new employees, focus on great training

The best way to reduce hiring time is to reduce your need to hire in the first place. That’s why it’s critical to spend enough time training your new hires. Adequate onboarding will help your new employees get started on the right foot, and transition smoothly to everything that comes along with a new job. Taking time to adequately train new staff is an investment in your company’s future, as it adds to job satisfaction, productivity and employee retention.

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