The Key to Your Employee’s Success: You!

The age old equation of having successful employees equals having a successful business is still true. Increasing employee engagement not only helps increase your company’s productivity levels, it also ensures that your retention rates will stay high and morale will go up. What’s the secret of accomplishing this? The answer is relatively simple — you!

Motivated employees are engaged employees and this benefits your organization in a variety of different ways. Employees who have linked their own personal goals and achievements to their careers are far more likely to be engaged in doing their work more effectively and ensuring that your company remains successful.

How can you motivate your employees to keep them engaged? While every employee is different and will have different motivating factors, there are a few constants that can be utilized.

1. Measure their progress. Bi-annual progress ratings may not be enough to keep your employees focused and motivated. Try holding quarterly evaluations with your employees. Sit down with each one and develop a road map for achievement for each one. Once you hold these reviews more regularly, you’ll have a better idea of the progress they are making — and they will too.

2. Reward achievements. All employees like to be recognized for what they have achieved. This keeps them motivated to keep excelling. You can use your roadmaps that you created during your one-on-one progress evaluations to measure their achievements as well as recognizing their day to day efforts that go above and beyond.

3. Make promotion from within a reality. Select high-performance employees and offer to groom them for success within your organization. Offer training and enrichment that will not only help them do their jobs better now, but will position them to take on more responsibilities in the future.

4. Link your success to their success. Some employees need reminders that if the company does well, they do well. If you meet or exceed sales goals, reward the employees who helped you get there. This has the added bonus of motivating the entire team. Monetary rewards are always appreciated by employees, but other ancillary rewards can include paid time off or extra benefits that must be earned.

With the right approach, you can keep your employees engaged and hungry for their own success. Use your progress reviews to help target employees who may be falling behind and find out what you can do to help them meet their goals and improve their performance.

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