The Future of the Staffing Industry: Where does Contemporary Staffing fit?

Attracting and retaining great talent remains a challenge for many organizations, even though technology, artificial intelligence and other innovations have helped make the hiring process more efficient and effective. However, it is critical for Talent Acquisition teams and hiring managers to understand just where the future of staffing is headed so they can develop a strategy to ensure their companies can find and keep the best and the brightest.

“Unemployment is at an all time low and the war for strong technically advanced talent is at an all time high. Hold on to your best employees with strong leadership development training along with teaching your employees how to “have difficult conversations” and how to “lead without authority.” Attract the best talent starting with a solid job advertisement describing the “day in the life” coupled with advanced vetting during step 1 of the application process with timed writing samples so you only spend time with the most qualified applicants!” says Sharon Tsao, CMO, Contemporary Staffing Solutions.

The Importance of a Pipeline

A traditional, reactive approach to hiring where employers only start looking when a position “opens up” used to work just fine. Today, companies using this approach are getting left behind. Talented people aren’t actively looking for jobs because they are already working. It is essential for the health of a business to invest in passive recruiting strategies to build relationships with talented people who can be wooed into a role when the time is right.


Curiosity helps us to defines your top producer(s) and create a profile of success. We are niche focused, we know what we do well and where to draw the line. We establish strong relationships with the right candidates. CSS understands why each candidate left their past jobs, what they’re looking for in their next role and effectively communicates expectations upfront. In addition, we focus on soft skills, personality traits, background & experience, as well as learn the different perks each of our clients offer their employees. Consistent feedback from our clients on who is performing well, with strong attendance and high emotional intelligence. Consistent feedback from our employees on training, guidance and engagement to better represent the future success. Employees are offered awards/prizes and positive recognition for outstanding performance.

Evolving Candidate Expectations

Job seekers live in a hyper-connected world where instant gratification is the norm. They expect a simple application processes and speedy responses from potential employers. Employers that require candidates to jump through too many application hoops and employers that take too long to respond and make decisions will lose candidates to competitors with more efficient processes. Once they are in the interview process, they look for open communication and collaboration. Are the hiring managers communicating? Am I being challenged to prove that I can excel in this role? Does the technology work here? Is it advanced and supporting my speed?

“Google is changing the rules of engagement and prioritizing connecting great talent with wonderful jobs. Employers, recruiters, hiring managers, and human resource teams need to be very intimate with the details of the job advertisement, so they can attract only the best. Compensation, perks, street address and why this job is better than the next are critical. It is truly a candidate driven market! ‘A-Players’ are getting three plus offers and the decision making process is accelerating every day.” Says Marybel DiScala, Marketing Project Manager, Contemporary Staffing Solutions.

Streamlining Vendors

To ease strain on internal hiring teams, many companies have begun utilizing third parties for talent sourcing, payroll, vendor management, and billing. Occasionally they will use one company for all functions. A disjointed approach complicates the process and keeps actionable data from being merged and providing real insights. Forward-thinking companies are starting to see the folly of juggling so many providers and they are looking for effective, managed service providers who can provide centralized end-to-end service that includes actionable insights for the future.

The Digital Hiring Model

There was a time when tools like LinkedIn and digital applications were supplementary to the traditional paper resume and manual screening process. Today, companies that aren’t digital-first are few and far between. The digital model will continue to expand thanks to social media, analytics and other technologies. As we move into the future, hiring teams will need to utilize technology to scan a candidate’s full digital profile to assess fitness and alignment.

Where Does CSS Fit In?

The staffing industry is in a constant state of evolution. The biggest challenge for many organizations is keeping pace; just when you think you’ve got a handle on a new trend, things change. Contemporary Staffing Solutions helps clients alleviate the strain on their internal resources. We invest in building a pipeline of talent to ensure clients can access the right people at the right time. CSSvSource managed services utilizes best-in-class technologies and strategies to centralize processes for sourcing top talent, managing vendors and measuring the success of hiring and retention efforts.

If you are looking to streamline your hiring and contingent labor management processes to ensure you’re ready for the future, Contemporary Staffing Solutions can help. Headquartered near Philadelphia with national strategic solutions, CSS has solutions to help you achieve your goals. Call us today at 610-832-2500 or contact us online to start the conversation.

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