The Corporate Blog: Not a Passing Fad

Early adopters of the corporate blog know just how vital this type of marketing has been for their business, but there are still naysayers out there who claim that corporate blogging is still just a passing fad, despite reams of evidence to the contrary.

If you still haven’t made the leap towards creating a corporate blog, you are definitely missing out on some very powerful benefits that your company could be reaping. While blogging does take time and success doesn’t come overnight, a corporate blog is a solid strategy for increasing internet traffic and raising consumer awareness about your company.

Improve Your SEO Efforts

One of the secrets of ranking in the top ten on a search is authority. Search engine spiders determine authority by gauging how often a site is updated and whether or not the new content contains keywords that are relevant to the site. You most likely are already employing SEO on some level for your site, but a blog will help take you to the next level.

Even a weekly blog will give you the opportunity to keep your site content fresh and utilize new keywords to help drive more traffic to your site and increase your discoverability on search engines.

Raise Awareness About Your Company

Your marketing efforts are all about reaching consumers and raising awareness and a blog is a great way to cement those efforts. We all need to reach new customers on a daily basis and this means utilizing SEO and other tools to help drive traffic to our sites. Promoting your blog on services like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn will help you get new visitors who in turn will learn more about your company and the way you do business.

Build a Stronger Brand

Consumers need to know more about your company and how you do business, and having a blog will clue them into numerous things about your business. You’ll be able to interact with them regularly and this helps strips away the “corporate façade” and put a human face on your company.

Your blog gives you numerous opportunities to reach out to consumers and show them how your company makes a difference, and helps keep you in the front of their minds.

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