TALA: Strengthening Talent Brand

While defining your talent brand has been an area of focus for some time, the recent workplace shift has created much more urgency. The global pandemic has emphasized the need to stand out in a virtual space and having a cohesive talent brand is one of the best ways to do that.  

TALA asked business leaders about their tips and tricks for defining your voice and building your brand, specifically around talent. To start, you should identify key pillars of your organization. One leader gave an example of key pillars as safety, growth, efficiency, and engagement. This organization shared their key pillars with candidates through highlighting these pillars in offer letters and via social media. Some best practices to get these messages out included providing employees with pre-made and sharable content to share on their own Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Another powerful way to build a talent brand was to emphasize employee referrals. There is no one better to get the word out in an authentic way, than your own employees.  

Additional to sharing key pillars, the group highlighted the importance of displaying stability and safety during COVID. The group discussed the importance of sharing COVID safety protocol on social media to continue building a strong talent brand in the new professional landscape.  

There are many ways to define your brand’s talent identity. Focus on being genuine and authentic in whatever way you choose to go – it will speak volumes to candidates!  

About TALA

The Talent Acquisition Leadership Alliance’s mission is to create a safe, no pressure association for corporate talent acquisition leaders to learn, network, and share challenges. Click here to request to join.

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