TALA: Improving Morale and Employee Engagement 

As the workplace becomes more and more virtual, keeping employees engaged has been the main challenge that leaders are facing. Increasing engagement and morale will result in a more efficient workforce and higher employee retention throughout these unprecedented times.  

First and foremost, it is important that business leaders recognize that employee engagement and internal morale are going to be much different in remote/hybrid environments. TALA spoke with some top business leaders to find out what they are doing to overcome this hurdle. Some thoughts on improving morale were ensuring high levels of communication on employee expectations, so they know how to handle various situations like working with children at home, etc. Other suggestions included weekly HR newsletters, webinars about WFH topics, and “coffee chats” to have conversations about topics, aside from work. Communication with employees early and often was a common theme among leaders who have already seen success. 

To increase employee engagement, some organizations have provided virtual fitness instructors, holiday gifts, and other creative COVID-safe ideas. One leader got especially creative and set up a “drive-thru” to provide employees with a fun meal and a safe experience. 

Before anything else, employees will appreciate the effort to keep them engaged in the difficult shift to a virtual workplace. Get creative and ask for feedback on how you can continue to adapt with the most effectiveness. 

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