TALA: Diversity & Inclusion

Incorporating a strong Diversity & Inclusion policy in your hiring is critical to every hiring talent team. TALA asked some of the top business leaders how they are managing D&I initiatives, the importance of D&I efforts in talent acquisition and how it affects retention.   

Some noticeable shifts in the TA space included leadership collaborating with talent acquisition teams to drive change, an emphasis on more diverse candidates, especially at a leadership level, and surveys to get employee feedback on D&I.   

Many of the members of this group saw that their organizations had some D&I initiatives prior to COVID, but these initiatives have seen a much stronger emphasis during. One example was the creation of a D&I counsel consisting of 10 members to boost internal morale and take stronger action toward becoming more D&I focused. Some highlighted that their employees have expressed positive opinions towards these initiatives and one member has even had candidates express interest based on D&I initiatives.   

Some of these organizations are facing challenges in implementing these new initiatives due to budgets impacted by COVID. However, the groups are seeing the most success in breaking a large, long-term D&I goal into smaller projects. One positive effect that COVID has had on D&I recruitment is the expansion of geography that candidates are being recruited from. With remote opportunities, candidate pools are vastly expanded and encompass much more diverse candidates.  

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