TALA: Challenges TA Professionals Face 

Along with every other team, Talent Acquisition is facing many new challenges in the new professional world. Some of these hurdles could include recruiting in a 100% virtual environment, incorporating video interviewing, hiring candidates that no one has met in person, and giving candidates a personalized interview experience.  

TALA brought together some of the top minds in Talent Acquisition to understand what they are doing to combat some of these challenges. This group highlighted the importance of investing in physical headquarters, as well as investing in work-from-home infrastructure. It is as important as ever to provide employees with a sense of brand identity with a physical headquarters, as well as feel supported and be able to function efficiently in a remote environment. Providing them with all tools necessary to work virtually will be critical. 

Understanding the nuances of hiring virtually will also be critical. The hiring process will include no travel, may include medical screenings, and time-to-hire is expected to decrease. Addressing these changes with candidates early in the screening process will keep your company and candidates on the same page and avoid miscommunication or force anyone to make assumptions. Ensure your team has set protocols to handle these situations, so they feel comfortable conveying these new processes to candidates. 

Lastly, recruiting events will take place virtually for the time being and conveying company culture to candidates will take much more effort. Take some time to create virtual branded material that explain what makes your company stand out. Leverage social media to demonstrate perks, employee engagement, and anything else that might give a candidate an understanding of the culture. Lastly, offer plenty of opportunities for candidates to ask questions and give further insight on what is especially important to them.  

As the workplace continues to evolve, TA professionals will have to continue to adapt to an array of new challenges. Creating adaptable processes and being open to change will give your team the most success. 

About TALA

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