Software Architect Insights

The amazing part about technology is its ability to automate and optimize functions that may otherwise be complex and time-consuming, as any business can attest. In order to effectively leverage your software for your organization, you need an expert—which is where the Software Architect comes in.

“Strong Software Architects are the root of the world’s best applications. Just as you would want a great architect to develop plans, design, and oversee the construction of your home, the buildings you work at, or shop, organizations need good Software Architects to plan, design, and oversee the development of their company’s applications and APIs,” says Toni Thomas, Account Executive at CSS Tec. 

Software Architect Data

There are over 10,500 positions in the United States, and according to Glassdoor, the national average salary for this position is approximately $129,000.

Based on information available from the Dice Salary Calculator combined with CSS-Tec’s historical data, a Software Architect in the Philadelphia area can expect to make the following salaries based on years of experience:

  • Mid-Level: $110,204 – $115,611
  • Senior: $175,339 – 193,350

In 2019, the Greater Philadelphia area alone had over 3,979 open jobs posted for Software Architect related positions which was 24.3% more jobs than in 2018. The current demand for Software Architect candidates in the Philadelphia market currently outweighs the available candidate pool by about a 7.2/1 ratio and we see no signs that this demand will be slowing down any time soon.

“For every 7+ active job postings for Software Architects, there is 1 candidate actively searching for a new role; this market is a candidate’s market.” says Dino Grigorakakis

What is a Software Architect?

A Software Architect is a subject matter expert when it comes to software and oftentimes works for years as a software/full-stack developer before moving up to this esteemed title. The Software Architect is a high-level tech professional with decision-making capabilities, knowledge of multiple technology stacks, a great understanding of business needs/processes, the ability to effectively lead a team of developers, and the communication skills necessary to eloquently speak with stakeholders.

How to Become a Software Architect

Since the Software Architect is a leadership position with a good amount of power, it not truly an entry-level role. Typically, the Software Architect has years of experience in developing software and finding solutions to issues prior to moving up to this position.

Because of this, a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field is preferred.

The Software Architect should have familiarity with a variety of software-related concepts, including:

  • DevOps
  • Programming (Python, Java, etc.)
  • Systems design

Related Positions

The definition of the Software Architect can vary by company. Sometimes the below positions have the same duties as the Software Architect and other times they are distinct.

  • Solutions Architect: A Solutions Architect is incredibly similar the Software Architect with the main difference being the focus. While a Software Architect is focused primarily on the technical aspects of software, the Solutions Architect is focused on creating architecture to solve current business problems.
  • Systems Architect: A Systems Architect is a kind of Solutions Architect that focuses on determining the proper software and hardware to support business needs.
  • Cloud Architect: Discussed in more detail in our blog, the Cloud Architect is a kind of Solutions Architect specializing in cloud computing. This can be specialized by platform, such as the Salesforce Architect.

Who is CSS Tec?

CSS Tec, a business unit of Contemporary Staffing Solutions, has been a leading provider of contract, contract-to-hire, and direct hire technology solutions while also offering Project Management and implementations of Salesforce solutions. CSS Tec prides itself on internal retention, with the average recruiter’s tenure exceeding five years, as well as their strong, established presence in the Philadelphia Metro area. The CSS Tec team coaches you with current business intelligence so that we can manage your expectations. 

“Software architects are in high demand because companies rely on accurate system workflows and leverage metrics from data to make the right decisions. CSS can help you find that right contractor or project!” says Sharon Tsao, CMO of Contemporary Staffing Solutions. 

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