Showing Appreciation on National Boss’s Day

Throughout many people’s careers, there will be good bosses and not so good bosses. The good bosses are the ones who motivate, inspire, communicate, and encourage growth and a vast array of other wonderful things. On National Boss’s Day here are a few ways to show your appreciation for the great bosses in your life!

Say “Thank You”

One of the easiest and most overlooked ways of showing appreciation to your boss is saying it to them! Whether you share a handwritten note, compliment them in a team meeting, or send a quick email, a few words of thanks are sure to go a long way. Touch on some of the main ways that they have been a great leader and encouraged you, personally. As always, keep it professional!

Give a Gift

Is your boss a donut fanatic? Obsessed with a professional sports team? Think about joining forces with other members of your team to get them a gift card, small personalized gift, or something that matches their personality or interests. This type of thoughtfulness might really make their Boss’s Day special.

Show Up to Work as Your Best Self

Showing up to work on time, focused, and ready to tackle your To Do List every day can be a great way to show appreciation to your boss. Go the extra mile and volunteer to take a task off your boss’s plate on National Boss’s Day to really make your appreciation known!

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