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“CSS-Tec Services enjoys generously sharing tips and tricks via free webinars to the Salesforce Community.  Take advantage of our advice so you can advance yourself and your career!”  Says Chuck George, Managing Director, Peergenics (formally known as CSS Tec Services).

Whether you are a Salesforce Administrator or an end user of the tool, these tips and tricks are for anyone who interacts with Salesforce. CSS Tec pulled together some of their best Salesforce resources and explained why you should implement them into your day-to-day. Consider learning more about:  

  1. Toolkit for Salesforce Applications (OrgDoctor, Schema Lister, Field Creator, PermComparator) 
  2. Salesforce Simulator
  3. Select All
  4. Quick Text
  5. Training Tips and Tricks
  6. Project Management

Toolkit for Salesforce Applications 

A variety of critical resources can be found in the Toolkit for Salesforce applications. It is widely known that Salesforce Admins often must wear many hats and these tools are designed to make your life easier and more efficient in any capacity. 

The first tool is OrgDoctor. This free tool allows you to receive high level reporting about any Salesforce instance that you hold credentials. This tool is especially useful if you are new to the org, have never operated in that specific instance, or just need a high-level briefing on the state of the org. This is then useful to share diagnoses with other members of your team. 

The second tool from the Toolkit is called Schema Lister. Schema Lister allows an admin to extract all field values and varying pieces of information about those fields. Schema Lister is especially useful for cleaning up an org or understanding the level of use that specific fields receive. 

Next, Field Creator enables you to create multiple fields in bulk, even inserting a spreadsheet. Typically, CSS Tec finds that customers come to intake meetings with a list of fields that they would like to track, which is when a Salesforce admin could turn to this tool. You can quickly import that list and then deploy them all.  

Lastly, a tool outside of the Toolkit for Salesforce, is called PermComparator. This tool allows you to compare two profiles side-by-side. You can review and compare user permissions, then deciding on extending or reducing the level of permissions. PermComparator can compare up to three separate profiles. 

Salesforce Simulator

Another frequently used free tool from the Google Webstore is called Salesforce1 Simulator. This is a great resource for users that are primarily on the go, relying on their mobile app to check reports and dashboards. It provides admins an interface where you can test the page layouts for mobile users. Additionally, you can create screenshots for training on mobile functionality. 

Select All

The next tool, Select All, allows you to select multiple Salesforce links and open at the same time, in different tabs of the same window. This can be useful for many different applications, including to, but not exclusively for Salesforce. This is a great example of the small, but impactful ways that Admins can work efficiently and complete their required tasks, daily. 

Quick Text

When dealing with records that are loaded with data, it can be difficult to digest, from the perspective of an end user. A tip for managing this issue is the tool called Quick Text. This resource allows administrators to guide end users to use the platform the way it was intended and essentially takes out the guess work.   

Training Tips and Tricks

One of the many hats that Salesforce Administrators wear is the role of training end users and answering questions.  

“It’s always helpful to have a place where users can go within your Salesforce board to find documentation for frequently asked questions.” Says Randi Thompson, Sr Solutions Engineer, Peergenics (formally known as CSS Tec Services).

To manage the training process, creating demos videos is especially helpful. To create these videos, CSS admins rely on Screencast O’Matic, which is great for its simplicity. The videos are stored in the cloud for location flexibility, as well as an app to create videos on mobile platforms. You can export these videos to Youtube or anywhere users can access videos. CSS Tec recommends that users are introduced to these video links as part of their onboarding, allowing for efficient training from Day 1. 

Project Management

Agile Accelerator is a great resource for new Salesforce Administrators. Managing projects can get overwhelming and difficult to start from scratch – this is a management tool that enables you to manage tasks and is very robust using data to drive updates. Users will also be able to log cases, allowing you to log any issues throughout your project. Using this information, you can provide data supported estimates for future projects. 

Bottom Line

Enjoy the opportunity to keep advancing your skills and capitalizing on the tools available to make every project or task easier and efficient.  CSS-Technical Services has a generous passion to keep lifting the skills of a salesforce experts so our customer base can learn from the subject matter experts.   

About CSS Tec Services 

CSS Tec, a business unit of Contemporary Staffing Solutions, has been a leading provider of contract, contract-to-hire, and direct hire technology solutions while also offering Project Management and implementations of Salesforce solutions. CSS Tec prides itself on internal retention, with the average recruiter’s tenure exceeding five years, as well as their strong, established presence in the Philadelphia Metro area. The CSS Tec team coaches you with current business intelligence so that we can manage your expectations.