When Discretion is Required, Follow These Steps

What do you do when a manager or other professional employee needs to be replaced? They most likely play a key role in your organization, and if they learn of your plans, it’s highly possible they will resign on the spot. This can leave you with weeks—or months—of crucial responsibilities unfulfilled, decreased staff morale and equally decreased customer satisfaction. In situations when a manager or similar staff member is not working out, you need to act quickly and discreetly. By following a few steps, you can handle this transition in a smart, savvy manner.

Steps to follow for discreetly hiring a staff replacement

  1. Only inform those who need to know. Keep your plans as confidential as possible, and only tell those in your company who need to know. This could be senior management (for the OK to proceed with your plan), human resources (for assistance with the hiring process), etc.
  2. Be careful how you search. The methods you use to find a suitable employee replacement are crucial to maintaining secrecy. If you use a major job website or social media, you run the risk of your staff finding out what you are attempting to do. More suitable options include industry-specific job boards or a staffing agency.
  3. Interview secretly, yet professionally. You’ll need to conduct interviews in a location that won’t arouse suspicion in your current employees. Consider off-site, rentable business space, or a remote, less-traveled portion of your company. Remember that the location will need to be professional so you don’t raise the hackles of your potential job candidates, either. A staffing agency can also help out with candid interviewing.
  4. Prepare for a smooth transition. After you have hired the replacement, you’ll still need to prepare to travel smoothly past bumps in the road. Plan to meet with your staff to explain that the previous manager or employee has left the company, and to introduce his or her replacement. Anticipate questions your staff or your new hire may have, so you’re prepared to help the transition along with as little stress as possible.

Benefits of relying on a staffing service

Staffing firms have experience handling all steps of the hiring process: finding job candidates, interviewing, hiring and, in some cases, on-boarding. If you need to hire a new employee discreetly, relying on a staffing company is an excellent option. Experienced recruiters can provide you with access to a deep talent pool, for a seasoned, best-fit replacement. Plus, you can relax and breathe easier as the staffing firm handles the hiring process on your behalf.

Are you in need of a professional employee?

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