Recruiting Leadership Talent? Five Tips to Keep in Mind.

You need the right leaders in place to guide your organization. Your leadership team will make or break the success of your company, and its future is largely in their hands. That’s why it’s important to hire supervisors and managers who are qualified to lead your employees, but who also fit within your company culture. By following a few key steps, you’ll be able to make the right choice at hiring time.

Five ways to find top leadership talent

Follow these five key hiring strategies to recruit supervisors and managers who fit well within your company:

  • Promote from within. One of the easiest ways to find a new supervisor or manager is to hire someone who already works for you. This individual will already be familiar with your organization, and will be managing employees who already know and trust him or her. Also, by offering the potential for job advancement, you will help to foster productivity within your workforce.
  • Be specific with your job description and interview questions. You can help to narrow down your job search from the beginning with an accurate job description. Be very specific about what skills and experience are required for your job During the interview, stay away from generic interview questions. Instead, focus on questions that will help you determine managerial behavior, including: resourcefulness, problem-solving skills, and interpersonal abilities.
  • Be efficient in your hiring. Once you’ve found the right candidate, don’t stall for too long before extending a job offer. The best and brightest won’t be on the market for long. You don’t want to miss out on a great candidate simply because another employer scooped them up.
  • Allow for a thorough orientation. If you’re bringing in a supervisor or manager from outside the company they will need to quickly become familiar with your organization in order to lead it. Build in adequate time for onboarding to bring your new leader up to speed. It’s important that they are comfortable with your policies and procedures to be successful in their new position.
  • Work with a staffing partner. You can save the time and money associated with finding, hiring and onboarding a new leader by working with a staffing partner. Recruiters are experts at fitting employers with the right candidates for open job opportunities. With access to databases and deep talent pools, your recruiter will be able to find a highly qualified candidate more quickly and easily than if you were to take this task on yourself.

Involve your colleagues                              

Whether you decide to work with a recruiter or go it alone, you’ll want the opinions of other employees when making this important decision. It can help to pull in a few individuals to create an “executive search team” for help identifying the top qualities of the best leaders and to decide between potential candidates. You may want to involve members of senior management, human resources, or other leaders from within the department where the supervisor or manager will be working. Additional input always helps.

Are you currently in search of top leadership talent?

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