Ready to Become A Business Analyst? Here are Four Interview Questions to Prepare For

The job of a “business analyst” can vary significantly from one organization to the next, but no matter what the requirements of any specific role, hiring managers need to find analysts who can help facilitate solutions for stakeholders. Therefore, you can count on some common questions during your job search, and it is important to prepare for them so that you can stand out for the right reasons.

“The Business Analyst impact on companies today is significant because they tell the story and predict the future all based on big data! Career Builder says there are lass than 4,000 candidates available but almost 40,000 job openings today with average salaries of $80,000. This role bridges the gap between operational excellence and technology!” says, Sharon Tsao, CMO, Contemporary Staffing Solutions.

What Do You Think Makes Someone A Strong Business Analyst?

Tech skills are important for success as a BA, but employers want to know that you understand the other necessary skills required for success. Talk about critical skills like impeccable documentation, visual modeling, and facilitation. Also address important soft skills like relationship building skills, diplomacy, problem-solving skills and critical thinking abilities.

Tell Me How You Typically Approach a Project

Hiring managers want to know how you approach a project to get a glimpse into your work style and priorities. While you might be inclined to list out deliverables and processes, it’s important to talk about the way you determine the phases of a project, the types of deliverables you create based on the project goals, and how you customize your processes based on specific situations.

When Are You Done with Requirements

This question can trip up a lot of candidates. It is important to be able to articulate clear criteria for finishing a set of requirements. When it comes to business analysis, you have to be able to stick the proverbial landing. “Finishing” often means meeting a set of clear requirements vetted by the solution team. Talk about the way you see the business analysis process through from end to end with those requirements in mind.

What Questions Do You Have for Me?

If you really want to make the right impression, make sure you’re armed with thoughtful questions that show you’ve really thought about the position and are truly interested in it. Instead of asking run-of-the-mill questions like “tell me about a typical day,” stand out and shine by asking questions like:

  • Which people/roles/departments interact the most with business analysts?
  • Is the process here informal, or it is more of a “big” process?
  • What are the goals for the person filling this role for the first three months, six months and year?
  • What types of people succeed here?

You can also stand out by asking follow-up questions that show you’ve paid attention throughout the course of the conversation. Ask the hiring manager to elaborate on points that interest or intrigue you.

Are You Looking for Business Analyst Jobs?

If you are looking to begin or to grow your career as a business analyst, and you are seeking exciting new opportunities, contact the team at Contemporary Staffing Solutions today. We can connect you with jobs that will help you achieve your career goals!

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