Preparing for a Salesforce Developer Interview

As one of the largest and most popular CRM platforms in the world, Salesforce Developers are in high demand right now. However, preparing for an interview for these roles can be overwhelming due to the technical nature of the role.  

“CSS Tec pulled together some of the most commonly asked questions during a Salesforce Developer interview to help you get ready.” Says Kay Odenwelder, Recruiting Director, CSS Tec. 

Salesforce Expertise 

Since a Salesforce Developer’s primary goal is to build functionality and customize the CRM service to the organization’s needs, a developer needs to understand the basic components of the Salesforce platform. Questions to test your Salesforce expertise could be: 

  • Define a Custom Object. 
  • What is a role? 
  • What is a profile? 
  • Define a workflow. What are the different types of workflows? 
  • What is a sandbox and what are the different types? 

Foundations of a Developer 

Specific understanding of programming languages and various other tools are a necessity for a Salesforce Developer. Some questions you can prepare for are: 

  • What programming languages do you have experience with? 
  • Tell me about your experience with Apex. 
  • What is Visualforce?  
  • What is a lightning component? 
  • What approach would you take to test classes? 
  • Tell me about your experience using a developer console. 
  • What platform would you use to develop an app in Salesforce? 
  • Tell me about any experience you have developing Salesforce for mobile apps? 
  • What is Development Mode and when would you enable it? 
  • Tell me about a time you were faced with data loss. What did you do to fix it? 

Coding Exercises in Real-Time 

Along with the standard “question and answer” interview, Salesforce Developers may be asked to perform actual coding tasks during an interview. If you are prepared, this is a great opportunity to demonstrate your expertise. To prepare for this stage of an interview, study common coding issues that you might have dealt with in the past – what steps did you take to solve them? If you get stuck on a particular exercise, do not be afraid to ask clarifying questions. These questions will help you fully understand the problem you are tasked with solving and may even give you some hints along the way.  

Bottom Line 

Remember to use detailed real-life examples whenever possible! Additionally, understand who your interviewer is, prior.  

“It can be quite easy to answer every question with a lot of technical salesforce jargon, but if your interviewer is someone who might not be so technical, try to answer and define concepts in less technical ways to show your stuff and be a stand out communicator.” Says Chuck George, Managing Director, CSS Tec Services. 

About CSS Tec Services 

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