Three Steps to Overhauling Your Recruiting Process

Is your recruiting process broken? Do you struggle to fill open positions when one of your employees leaves for another job? Have you hired employees who look promising on paper but turn out to be unmotivated or unskilled? Does the thought of sorting through resumes and interviewing candidates make you feel overwhelmed? The good news is that you can make hiring and recruiting easier on yourself by starting with small, deliberate steps. Here are three:

1. Write a better job description.
Most job descriptions tend to be one of two extremes: the vague posting that candidates don’t apply to because they’re not clear on whether or not they’re qualified, or the overly-detailed job description that candidates don’t apply to because they can’t check off every single required skill. What you need to do to be better is strike a happy medium. Be detailed about the duties that the job entails, and mention the specific skills needed to complete those duties. Don’t make a long list of requirements that you could really live without.

2. Build better relationships.
Part of a great recruiting strategy is building relationships with candidates before you know you need them. Promote your company culture online so that people who visit your Facebook page or your website feel like they know you and that your office would be a great place to work. Set up an employee referral program to reward your employees when they bring in a candidate who would be a great fit for an open job. Visit job fairs or local networking events, and, most importantly, treat candidates with respect during the hiring process, because if you do, word will get around.

3. Work with Contemporary Staffing.
If you feel like you need help with your recruiting process, whether it’s just gotten too out of control or you want to stop it before it does, why not work with one of our specialists? The first step in our process is to sit down with you and listen to your company’s needs. We take out a great deal of the risk of hiring someone by offering the option of temp-to-hire workers, and we use trending and forecasting to determine whether or not a permanent employee is a good idea for your company. We hire selectively, and can offer you great pre-screened candidates, so call us today to get your hiring and recruiting processes on track.

A well-planned recruiting process can make or break your hiring success. To learn more about how to update your recruiting process, contact the staffing specialists at Contemporary Staffing Solutions. We look forward to hearing from you!