Non Traditional Perks That Will Attract Top Candidates and Keep Your Employees Happy

Staying competitive in today’s marketplace means being able to attract the best talent and becoming an employer of choice. There are many different ways that you can accomplish this, such as offering higher salaries and a great benefit package, but there are also non-traditional perks that you may want to consider. Most of these perks are actually low cost and will provide your employees with benefits that they won’t find anywhere else — and that is the key to attracting and retaining today’s top talent.

Let’s look at just a few ideas for non-traditional perks that you can incorporate for your employees.

1. Things that make their lives easier. Some companies have moved to offering a variety of services on location for their employees. This not only provides your employees with extra benefits, but you benefit as well since they can accomplish things on-site instead of needing to ask for time off. Examples of this include offering hair styling, dry cleaning services or on-site medical clinics. One employer even arranged for a farmer’s market to be held in the parking lot on specific days.

2. Providing more flexibility. By far, the perk that your employees will appreciate the most is having more time and flexibility in their schedule. This perk beats out higher wages for many employees. Offering the ability to work from home a few days per week, or working out a flex-schedule is a great perk to offer your employees.

3. Creating Play Time. While this may seem counterproductive at first glance, it’s actually a perk that goes a long way towards increasing employee productivity. In a high stress job, employees need a chance to get away for a few minutes and do something else to get their minds back on their task. Setting up a Wii area or even an on-site gym gives employees a great place for planned distractions.

4. Offering health services. Natural health programs and programs that encourage wellness are wonderful benefits for your employees. Not only does it help them embrace a healthier lifestyle, but they’ll appreciate the addition of this type of benefit. Healthier employees also reduce the strain on a group health plan and they’ll naturally be more productive.

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