The Importance of a Streamlined and Focused Recruiting Strategy

Consider this: The first impression your company makes on potential employees is during the recruiting process. This is one of the reasons that it is so important to have a focused, streamlined strategy for hiring new employees. The faster you can get a candidate from the resume submission process to the interviewing process, the better. Here are several things to consider during your hiring process:

Everything starts with good workers.

Recruiting is the building block of your company. Without quality employees, everything suffers. It leads to higher turnover rates; which costs your company both time and money. Turnover can decrease morale, which drags down productivity. And in general, an unhappy office makes future recruiting even more difficult. Who wants to work in a miserable environment? This is why taking the time to find a good employee at the beginning is so important.

Your company culture is important.

Does your company have a mission statement? How ingrained is that mission statement in the day-to-day work of your office? If the answer is not very, you need to make some changes. Culture is one of the biggest factors that job seekers consider when trying to decide whether to accept or reject an offer. Make sure your company has a presence online and be sure that it reflects the voice of your particular culture.

You need to work quickly.

You know that in order to hire, you need to be focused on the task at hand; but why does your recruiting process need to be streamlined? There’s a simple answer: competition. Job candidates don’t just apply for one position at a time. They apply to many different companies, often in the same industry, so once a resume lands on your desk, assume you’re in competition with other local businesses to recruit them. The faster you interview and hire someone, the more likely you will be to actually hire them. The slower you work, the more likely it is that they’ll lose interest in working for you.

Do you have a focused and effective recruiting strategy? If not, why not contact a recruiting specialist at Contemporary Staffing Solutions to help create one? We have experience over a wide range of industries, and we can put that to work to solve all your hiring problems.