How to Properly Analyze a Candidate’s Job History

Looking to fill a position at your company? To help speed up the process, it will help to carefully review resumes and make sure you interview only the best-suited candidates for the job. One step in this process is reviewing and analyzing a candidate’s job history.

Steps to follow for job history analysis

To help narrow down your list of applicants to find the perfect job candidate, consider the following:

  1. Does the candidate possess the right skills for the position? Undoubtedly the person who fills your open position will need to possess a specific skill set to excel at the job. Based on the candidate’s job history, what skills have he or she developed along the way? Do these skills qualify the candidate for the position open at your company?
  2. How could the candidate’s experience benefit your company? If the candidate has written his or her resume well, the job history section will include benefits, not just features. In other words, he or she will describe specifically what was learned in past jobs and how these skills benefited past companies. Can these skills be applied to the open position for which you’re hiring? Can the candidate’s job history benefit your company, too?
  3. Is his or her work experience transferable? Did the candidate work in a role that will help prepare him or her for the position at your company? This is especially true of candidates recently out of college and somewhat new to the workforce.
  4. Does he or she bring a breadth of experience to the role? For more seasoned candidates, does his or her work experience indicate a wide array of past jobs? The experience the candidate gained could bring a little something extra to your workforce.

The value of job history analysis

Another point to consider is the value of job analysis. Depending on the job for which you’re hiring, job experience may not count for as much as energy, passion, intelligence and the drive to succeed. Some job skills can be taught to the right candidate; don’t discount a lack of experience if the person possesses other qualities that are innate and cannot be taught. You may wish to trade a lack of experience for a strong work ethic.

Rely on a staffing partner

The hiring process can be a daunting task for employers. To help move it along, you may wish to rely on the experts. Staffing firms excel at locating, interviewing, hiring and oftentimes on-boarding candidates, and recruiters stake their reputations on placing workers in best-fit positions. If you are in need of staff supplementation, you can set your mind at ease by partnering with a staffing firm to get the job done well—and fast.

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