What You Should Do When You Find a Great Candidate (Just Not for the Job You’re Hiring For)

Recruiting can be a difficult process, and one that can take a great deal of time. Often by the time one of your employees has left, it’s nearly impossible to replace them without a gap between their end date and a new employee’s start date. That’s why, when you come across a great candidate, you should make every effort to hook them.

Hire them if you can.
First of all, if you have the budget to take on a great candidate, go ahead and do it. Talent can be difficult to find, so when you see it, you want to snap it up as soon as possible. Keep in mind that a great candidate can be trained to do the job you’re hiring for, if it’s one that they’re interested in. Someone with a great personality and a lot of motivation can do well in most any job, given the opportunity to train for it.

Express your interest.
Make sure you let the candidate know that you’re interested in their skill set and experience. Don’t flatter them excessively, but be genuine and let them know you think they’re a good candidate. If they realize that they have a chance to work with your company at some point in the future, it’s more likely that they’ll stay interested in you and in your company.

Stay in touch.
If your budget or your workload prevents you from hiring right away, staying on your candidate’s radar is important. Connect with them on LinkedIn or another professional website, or offer to check in with them periodically to let them know if there are any new opportunities that they’re well-suited for. Consider starting a file in your office of resumes for potential future hires and informing them of new positions on a regular basis.

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