How to Tap Into Hidden Talent Pools

If you’re having trouble locating new hires, it could be you’re looking in the wrong places. Hidden talent pools are groups of employees who “fly under the radar,” simply unnoticed by employers. Others are passive candidates, those workers who may be perfectly qualified for your open position, but who aren’t actively looking for employment. So, as an employer, how can you access these unreachable candidates and supplement your workforce?

Strategies for reaching hidden talent and passive candidates

  • Recruit socially. Does your company have social media pages? Some of the most talented employees in the market are top contributors in LinkedIn forums or on Facebook pages. Social media sites also make it easy for you to search for, locate and contact employees not currently looking for employment. Plus, it’s incredibly flattering to have a potential employer contact you, rather than the other way around. This in itself might stir interest in the candidate.
  • Consider past applicants. It’s possible your human resources department is sitting on a gold mine of potential talent. Review previous applicants to see if one might be a good fit. Even if a past applicant is currently working somewhere else, you know that once they had an interest in your company. A quick phone call and an attractive offer can work wonders.
  • Look within your company. Do you have a rising star in your midst? Among hidden talent pools you may find strong, young supervisors working hard in the hopes of rising up through the ranks. You may also have a dedicated, talented employee who would be perfect for a leadership position. Remember, you can train for managerial skills but you can’t train for motivation and the drive to succeed.
  • Network for specific skills or talents. When you attend your next industry conference or networking event, talk to colleagues about employees they know who possess the skills you’re looking for in an employee, rather than a specific title. You may be surprised at what you uncover.
  • Hold events. Networking events and speaking engagements help establish your company as one that contributes to the betterment of the community. Plus, you can meet with potential candidates directly, get them interested in your company and get one step closer to your next hire.
  • Contact a staffing firm. As experts in the recruitment process, staffing firms have access to huge databases of candidates. After all, they stake their reputations on providing employers with what they need to solve critical employment challenges.

Where there’s a will…

As the old saying goes, you can achieve your goals, but you may need to get a little creative in the process. Consider the above tips to locate new hires and strengthen your staff.

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