How to Spot Leadership Potential

If you have an open leadership position in your company and you’re looking for someone to promote from within, how do you decide? How can you tell who will make a great leader? Here are some traits to look out for:

  • Confidence. A leader usually has a natural aura of confidence. A leader must be able to make decisions and stick with them, even if they’re unpopular, and still be confident that they’ve made the right decision.

  • Humbleness. On the other hand, a leader is also humble. A good leader won’t steamroller everyone into following his plan if they disagree. A good leader knows when they’ve made a mistake and knows how to learn from it so he or she can do better next time.

  • Motivation. You can spot someone with leadership potential by paying attention to who in your office assumes responsibility for the projects that no one wants, and then sees them through to completion. Anyone who gets things done even when no one else wants to will shine in a leadership position.

  • Composure. A leader is cool and calm under pressure. He or she doesn’t take things like criticism personally, and can deflect someone’s bad mood with a sense of humor. It takes a lot to rattle a good leader, because they remain focused on the task at hand.

  • Trust. A leader can’t do everything by himself, which means that he may have to delegate some of his tasks at some point, or listen to someone else’s ideas for solutions to a problem. It takes trust to make that kind of office relationship work.

  • Commitment. A leader follows things through, and doesn’t disappear when things go wrong. Is there someone in your office who is usually the first to arrive and the last to leave, someone who has stayed loyal to your company in good times and bad? They may be the person you’re looking for.

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