Four Workforce Recruitment Practices to Adopt

Sure, you can place an ad on a job site or in the newspaper. However, by using this traditional method of finding new employees, you’re only reaching a fraction of all the potential job candidates in the market—and excluding those not currently seeking a new job. So, what can you as an employer do to make sure you furnish your workforce with the best, most highly qualified employees?

Four of the best strategies for recruiting new staff

  • Work with the career-placement departments of local colleges. You’ll be able to find newly graduated people who are fresh to the working world and looking for a new job.
  • Attend industry events and conferences. Don’t focus on job fairs, where you will encounter a wide variety of professionals with varying skills and experience. Instead, maximize your efforts by attending (or sending a few key staff members to) industry events or conferences. Here they can network with others who have experience in a particular field, with the added bonus that attendees are likely motivated individuals interested in learning more about industry-related topics.
  • Keep your eyes open in unlikely places. Depending on the skill level of employee you’re looking for, you may be able to recruit new staff simply by paying attention to your surroundings. After all, some on-the-job skills can be taught, but qualities such as creativity, passion, motivation and cleverness are innate. If you’ve encountered an individual who really stands out, give him or her your card and explain that he or she might be a great fit for an open position at your company.
  • Partner with a staffing firm. Staffing recruiters are experts at locating, interviewing and onboarding employees that are best-fit for open positions. If you work with a firm that specializes in your industry, recruiters will understand the talents and education highly qualified workers require, which can help you fill your workforce with the best employees.

Your ingenuity will pay off

You may need to get a little creative with how you find new staff, especially if you’re looking to target passive candidates (those not actively seeking employment because they’re currently employed). The job market is your oyster, and with a few strategic recruiting practices under your belt, your company will benefit from the advantage of highly talented, well-placed staff.

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