If You Aren’t Selling, You’re Recruiting Wrong

Enthusiasm moves the world. All good, effective leaders know that time spent inspiring employees is time well spent, and it’s never too soon to begin! While interviewing professional candidates, sell them on your company, its mission and vision, and your goals for the future. It can only benefit your business. Here’s why:

  • It increases your chances of hiring superstar employees. You’ve found a job candidate who has impressive experience and great ideas that can help your company advance. If you’re able to inspire him or her during the interview, the candidate will be more likely to want to work for you.
  • It helps you weed out the “weak links.” If your attempts to drum up interest in your business only result in an unenthused interviewee, that can be a red flag. Let the candidate’s behavior during the interview help you identify and eliminate unmotivated individuals simply looking for a paycheck.
  • It helps your new employee “hit the ground running.” If you’ve helped a candidate understand more about your company and its vision for the future, he or she can carry this excitement over—once hired—into the workplace.
  • It gives the new employee exceptional motivation and productivity. You want your new employee to hold nothing back in idea sharing, project completion and positive energy. By beginning to build motivation at the interview, you are helping to further strengthen a good work ethic. Remember, this is also good for your entire staff, since enthusiasm is contagious.
  • It improves your product or service. When your staff is happy and productive, your company is able to provide the best possible product or service. And what business doesn’t want to be successful with its customers?

How to build enthusiasm during an interview

To get started down the road to business success, it helps to inspire potential employees as early as the interview. It’s easy by following a few interview tips.

  • Give context. During the interview, explain to the potential employee the importance of the role for which he or she is interviewing; describe how it fits into the company’s mission, vision and overall business goals. Understanding the bigger picture can be very motivating for an employee.
  • Is there room to advance? Many working professionals aren’t looking for a career with a glass ceiling. If the role for which you are hiring has growth potential, by all means, explain this at the interview. Employees are motivated to work hard if they know they can benefit from it.
  • Describe company perks. A great healthcare benefits package, exceptional 401(k), dress down day, flexible scheduling … all these things can “sweeten the pot” for employees. If your company offers certain perks, list these at the job interview.

Help your business move ahead by building employee enthusiasm. Start during the interview process and let your company reap the benefits!

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