Increase Online Visibility to Increase Potential Candidates

When you’re trying to recruit for a job opening, the lack of qualified candidates can often be frustrating. If you’re only posting a job description and hoping the best candidates will stumble across it, there’s more you can do. You need to humanize your company and be more strategic about promoting your job opening. Here are some ideas to land you better candidates:

Build your brand.
You don’t want to be a faceless corporation to job seekers. Everyone wants to work for a company that has a personality. How do you achieve this? Get social. Make a Facebook page, start a blog, launch a Twitter account. Talk about the projects your company is passionate about. Discuss major milestones and achievements. Now you’re not just a text-only job posting on the Internet. You’re a company that is attractive to potential job candidates.

Let your staff get social.
It’s no secret that the best recruiting tool is a happy employee. But what about a happy employee that talks about your company online? Encourage your staff to embrace social networks such as LinkedIn and participate in discussions and groups. While they are mingling with their network online, they are also being ambassadors for your business. You want to be seen as an accessible company and using your current talent is the best way to do this.

Promote job openings strategically.
When the time comes to advertise a job opening, don’t just put it in one place. Your recruiting partner will be advertising the position on their job board and will be sourcing candidates from their talent pool, but your company can also help promote the position. Your company is already filled with talented individuals, and they probably know other qualified individuals who may be a good fit for the position. Have your recruiter send you a link to the job posting and encourage your top talent to share it with anyone in their network they think may be qualified. By using your current team to help spread the word, you may be able to snag a passive candidate who otherwise wouldn’t have heard of the position.

Your online presence and how your company and staff are perceived play a huge factor in your ability to reach potential candidates. By strategically working to enforce your brand and leverage your current talent to spread the word about a position, you will be able to reach a broader talent pool. As leaders in the staffing industry, Contemporary Staffing Solutions understands how to craft an effective recruiting strategy and what it takes to hire top talent. Contact us today to learn about our top staffing services!