LinkedIn Endorsements and Their Impact on Your Job Search

Social media websites are always changing and adapting to keep their customers interested, and LinkedIn, despite being more grounded than other services, is no exception. Endorsements are one of their newer features. Here’s what you need to know about using them to your advantage in your job search.

They’re easy.

Endorsements are similar to recommendations, but much faster to complete. It takes time to write out a personalized recommendation, but endorsements are as easy as clicking a button. Instead of a broad overview of your performance, endorsements give credibility to the skills in your profile. Think of them as keywords rather than a summary.

They’re social.

When you’re endorsed for a skill, this activity shows up in your newsfeed and in the newsfeed of the person who endorsed you. This could put your profile on the radar of someone who doesn’t know you yet, or you may even pop up on a current connection’s radar. It’s a great way to stay active on the website.

They’re customizable.

Trying to get recommended for certain skills? You can get the ball rolling by entering them into your profile. This will make your colleagues more likely to endorse you. What if someone endorses you for a skill you don’t want on your profile? All you have to do is reject it. You have total control of what shows up on your profile.

They’re reciprocal.

If no one has endorsed you yet, one of the easiest ways to change that is to start endorsing your network. Not only does everyone love the little pat on the back, but they also receive an e-mail notification with an invitation to return the favor by endorsing you. Start reaching out to your connections and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly they reach out to you.

Sometimes you need more than an effective LinkedIn profile to land a job. If your job search has gone on longer than you expected, consider getting in touch with a specialist at Contemporary Staffing Solutions for help.