IT Projects that Require Great Contractors

If you want to maximize the chances that critical IT projects are delivered on time and on budget, you have to focus just as intently on personnel as you do on the technology itself. The best tools and software in the world are utterly useless if you don’t have the right team in place to ensure you achieve your goals.

Many large-scale IT projects will require you to rely on contractors and subject matter experts in addition to your core team. To successfully staff a project, you must focus on: managing strategy, with extra attention on budget and scheduling, you must build effective teams that includes expert project managers, and you must start recruiting early enough to ensure you have access to that talent.  Let’s look at are some of the IT projects that require great IT contractors who can help you realize ROI from your initiative.

“CSS is currently hiring for an internal Project Manager that will help us lead our software implementation to great success. The coordination of multiple business units, multiple systems and a seamless integration to our accounting systems are required. Reach out directly if you would like to learn more about this opportunity!” says Sharon Tsao, Owner, Contemporary Staffing Solutions

Software Implementations

An enterprise software implementation can take months or even years, and most companies need to rely on outside experts like system integrators and implementation consultants in order to get the job done. The key is to establish your needs early so you can hire contractors with the skill, expertise and the time to help your implementation go smoothly.

Cloud Migration

Executing a cloud migration correctly is absolutely critical in order to protect sensitive information. That means hiring the right talent to guarantee things go according to plan. However, companies need to understand that there is a very real shortage of skilled talent in cloud niches, so early planning and strong compensation packages are necessary in order to find and attract the right contractors.

Data Center Relocation

Like cloud migration, moving servers to a new data center is a high-risk endeavor. Minimizing downtime and maintaining security are key factors to consider. The right team of full-time and contract experts needs to be in place during all phases from planning to the actual migration and several weeks or even months after to ensure success.

Enterprise Upgrades

Upgrades are much more daunting tasks than they may seem, and many upgrades suffer because leaders fail to address critical pre-implementation concerns. Some companies feel they can do it with the staff they have, but working with subject matter experts and contractors allows the existing team to focus on core competencies while experts handle the transition.

Are You Looking For Contractors For Your IT Projects?

Hiring the right contractors for IT projects can be a challenge. You need to put the same time and attention into candidate searches for these SMEs as you do full-time staff, but you also must understand the key differences between hiring contractors and hiring full-time, permanent staff. If your organization is looking for contractors to help you, manage budgets, ensure timely delivery of complex IT projects, the experts at CSS are here for you.  Contact us today to learn how we can help you achieve your goals.