Interview Fatigue: Don’t Let it Impact Your Hiring Process

Have you ever suffered from interview fatigue? It’s that feeling that often comes from performing a task so many times that you start to lose focus and it becomes much easier to make mistakes. This is not the state of mind you want to be in when you’re hiring, so how do you rise above it? Here are some tips for how to avoid interview fatigue:

Don’t go it alone.
There’s no reason to assume the sole responsibility for bringing a new person onto your team. There are other people in your company who can be interviewing candidates with you. Whether they’re in the same interviews as you are, or if they head a second or third round of interviews, having another colleague look at candidates is invaluable. Sharing the responsibility makes it less likely that you’ll become fatigued.

Limit your choices.
One of the best ways to make the interview process easier on your end is to limit the number of people you interview. It can be difficult to put resumes that don’t quite suit your needs in the recycling bin, but it’s best to do it at that stage, and not after you’ve dedicated time and resources to interview the candidates who you suspect are mediocre. If after interviewing a limited number of prospective candidates doesn’t find you a new hire, you can always go back and invite a few more people to interview.

Don’t settle.
The more tired you get, the easier it can be to lower your expectations. After interviewing a third or fourth or fifth candidate who doesn’t quite fit your company culture or who lacks necessary skills for the position, it can be tempting to assume that the person you’re looking for just doesn’t exist. This is a mistake. The right candidate is out there, whether he has the skills you’re looking for, or he has the attitude and drive to learn.

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