In Case You Missed It: Highlights From Dreamforce 2017

In early November, over 170,000 Salesforce users and enthusiasts gathered for Dreamforce 2017. They heard speakers like CEO Marc Benioff, former First Lady Michelle Obama, Ashton Kutcher and a variety of tech movers and shakers talk about Salesforce, AI, the future of American workers, marketing, the gender gap and using technology for social good. In case you missed it, here are some of the highlights from Dreamforce 2017.

“Dreamforce was Amazing!  Lots of great topics, demos, and discussions.” Says Chuck George, CSS Tec Manager.

CRM Isn’t What It Used To Be

When CRM platforms first came on the scene, the telephone was the primary way customers communicated with companies. Today, customers have a variety of channels available for staying connected to brands but traditional CRMs struggle to navigate cross-channel interactions. If, for example, a customer started an interaction on Twitter and the issue was escalated to a phone call, traditional platforms don’t have the capability to provide the Level 2 rep with an immediate history and context for the call.

At Dreamforce, Salesforce acknowledged that the landscape has changed, but many attendees left unsure of how fast the platform would be able to adapt. Research consulting firm ISG Insights penned a thoughtful criticism of Salesforce’s plans for CRM, noting that it seemed like the company was a bit behind the curve. It will be interesting to see just how Salesforce – a brand that has become synonymous with CRM – will deliver better cross-channel service to users in the future.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution Is Upon Us

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff gave a talk on what he refers to as “The Fourth Industrial Revolution.” According to Benioff, mobile, AI and nanotechnology are poised to create 3.3 million jobs and generate $859 billion of additional GDP by the year 2022.

The catch, he said, will be getting US workers up to speed with the jobs of tomorrow, which are increasingly becoming the jobs of today. He wants to see more investment in helping millions of Americans learn the skills that will allow them to thrive in the new economy and will allow companies to fully staff The Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Playmakers Are Everywhere

Playmakers were a popular topic at Dreamforce 2017. Playmakers, according to Dreamforce presenters, are people who use data, science and applications to make informed sales decisions and maximize revenue. According to one speaker, “Playmakers know how to use the tools and play the game.”

Playmakers do not go on feeling, they take thoughtful and strategic action to move leads through the sales funnel. At each step of the way, they use hard data and AI insights to drive success. There were many presentations by developers working on new technologies that will integrate with Salesforce to make every salesperson on a team a true playmaker.

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Some More Images from our CSS Tec Team at Dreamforce 17′: