How Will AI and Machine Learning Impact the Future of Staffing?

Anyone who pays close attention to staffing and recruiting news has surely seen sensational and unsettling headlines like, “How Robots Will Take Over The Staffing Industry,” leaving many to wonder if there will be a place for humans in the recruiting process as companies rely more heavily on artificial intelligence (AI).

The experts at Contemporary Staffing Solutions understand that AI will have a major impact on the industry. However, it is also important to understand that reports of the death of the staffing industry are greatly exaggerated.  While it is impossible to know just where AI and machine learning will take staffing and recruitment in the future, the fact is that automation will enhance the human element of recruiting, rather than replace it.

Technology Is A  Staffing Tool, Not A Staffing Solution

Artificial intelligence and machine learning can be impactful tools. They can aid in information gathering, screening, matchmaking and scheduling. They can predict a candidate’s chances of success, make predictions about future staffing needs, and help hiring teams develop more thorough and effective strategies. However, a machine cannot sit down with candidates and develop a real connection with them. Machines cannot put in the work required to recruit passive candidates, to “sell” talent on new opportunities or even read the nuances of a candidate’s nonverbal cues in an interview.

Though AI can help automate many tasks related to recruiting, the fact remains that artificial intelligence isn’t perfect. It’s come a long way over the last 20 years, but machines still take black-and-white data and return black-and-white results. They rarely allow for the multiple shades of gray that manifest themselves in the hiring process. Relying too heavily on AI today could actually cost an organization top talent. If, for example, a single parameter is missed when setting up a screening process for candidates, or if the parameters are set too narrowly, the system could toss out highly-qualified individuals.

Resistance Will Be Futile

That’s not to say that staffing professionals should resist technology like AI and machine learning. The recruiting industry must evolve with technology, to be sure. Think, for a moment about the manufacturing industry. There was a time when human beings physically touched every component of every product on a factory floor. Now, machines do most of the work but manufacturers still employ humans. People must be present to supervise the lines, program the machinery, inspect the final products, etc. Even in automated manufacturing facilities, employees are still used to handle tasks that the machines haven’t quite mastered yet. People are still an integral part of the manufacturing industry, just in a different capacity than 100 or even 25 years ago.

Similarly, AI and machine learning will continue rise in prominence and popularity in recruiting and that will alter the ways in which humans are involved in the staffing process, but it will not render them obsolete. As long as companies are hiring human beings, they will need human beings to guide recruiting and hiring process.

The world of staffing and recruiting is changing. Is your company ready to change with it? If you are looking to improve your talent acquisition, hiring and retention strategies, partner with a true market leader. Contemporary Staffing Solutions is a nationally-recognized expert in staffing and recruiting. Contact us today to learn how CSS can help you achieve your goals.