How to Pick Your Next MSP / VMS

Staffing firms are supposed to make your job easier and take strain off your internal resources. However, if your company has experienced rapid growth, or if you work with multiple vendors, it can often seem like you are juggling just as many tasks as you were when you managed contingent hiring in-house. If you like the results you get from your staffing partners but find your team is spending too much time dealing with processes that should be handled by your partners, it’s time to consider working with a Managed Services Provider (MSP).

What Do Managed Service Providers Do For You?

MSPs take over the day-to-day responsibilities of managing outsourced and contingent employees. Ideally, a provider should handle these processes:

  • Supplier management
  • Order intake and distribution
  • Order fulfillment
  • Candidate onboarding and offboarding
  • Time reporting and expense reporting
  • Other reports
  • Program support

A strong MSP should offer scalable services, meaning you can use as many as you need as your company and workforce needs grow and shift over time. The firm should be able to help your business determine which services would be best handled by their team, to free up your internal resources.

“If you spend $5M or $50M then consider consolidating all of your contingent workforce under one smart tool and allow our MSP management team the chance to bring KPI’s so you can drive your business forward!  If this is a slower time of year for your business, then this is the best time to implement our program so your prepared for the busy season right around the corner!” says Stacie Bernek-Rost, Sr. Program Manager, CSSvSource.

Not only should an MSP save you time, but they should also be able to save you money over the long-term. They negotiate relationships and rates with staffing vendors and therefore can command discounts, similar to the way big-box retail stores offer low prices because of their ability to purchase in bulk.  MSPs can track performance across vendors, as well, ensuring staffing firms are delivering on their promises, thus providing your business with recognizable ROI.

Their shared resource structure also allows for greater response time to orders, service issues or other concerns. They can act quickly to ensure positions are filled quickly and issues are resolved long before they turn into real problems.

Choose The Right Managed Service Provider

As with any potential new partnership, you want to conduct due diligence so you choose an MSP that will actually provide you with flexibility, efficiency and long-term cost savings.  Consider the following factors when evaluating a potential MSP:

  • Service Variety and Scalability: As stated above, choose a partner that offers a wide menu of scalable offerings that ensures you are getting the services you need, when you need them.
  • Proof of Value: If a pricing plan sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Study a provider’s track record and ask for references, resources and “proof” that they can deliver on their promises.
  • Industry-Specific Experience: MSPs that try to be everything to every industry will likely not understand the nuances of your niche. Look for a provider that has a long track record in your specific field.

If you are ready to realize the business benefits of working with an experienced MSP, the team at CSS vSource is here to help. Call us today at 856-222-0020 to learn more about our managed services.