How to Get the Most from Your Professional Talent

As an employer, your staff’s productivity determines the strength of your end product. Your goal should be finding ways to help your employees work more efficiently—in other words, how to guide them to work smarter and be more engaged. When you can help your workers use their skills more effectively, your reward will be a workplace that runs like a well-oiled machine. So, what are the best ways to improve your staff’s work efficiency?

The top four ways to maximize the performance of your professional staff

Improve your workplace productivity using the following strategies with your managers and other skilled professionals:

  • Teach time management. Every worker has a period of time during the work day that he or she is most alert and creative. This peak productivity time is when it’s best for a worker to complete high-priority tasks that require the most brain power. Other lower-priority or organizational-style tasks can be accomplished during times of lower productivity—such as first thing in the morning or right after lunch. When you give your professional employees tasks, rank them from high to low priority, or by degree of difficulty. Teach your staff to recognize when they are the most and least productive, and to work on certain tasks during the most appropriate time of day.
  • Cross-train your staff. Giving your professional staff the opportunity to learn new and different things has several advantages. First of all, continuous learning allows the mind to remain nimble and energized, helping to prevent boredom, stagnation and turnover among your staff. Second, when workers are familiar with multiple job roles within your company, you gain the benefit of more workers to draw upon for back-up.
  • Allow room for creativity. Your professional staff have advanced to where they are because they are capable of fresh, innovative ideas. So why not let your staff devise their own projects to help improve the delivery of products or services to your clients? Your staff are most likely closer to your customers, workers, processes and procedures than you, and may have some great ideas for how to improve your company’s performance in some way. Though you, as the employer, will have the final say in what your employees are working on, be open to ideas for how to make things better.
  • Encourage collaboration. Don’t allow your best and brightest to become “siloed” without adequate collaboration with each other. Reinforce the benefits of idea sharing to reach a stronger solution. When big projects come up, demand that your professional staff brainstorm collectively to help everyone decide how to reach the best possible solution.

Get the top talent your company needs

A major factor in forming a highly productive staff is having the right workers in the right positions. To help you find the most talented staff members, you can rely on the expertise of a staffing partner. Recruiters have access to comprehensive candidate databases and deep pools of talent. They have the resources to help you find active, as well as passive, candidates. You can maximize the efficiency of your hiring process—and the efficiency of your staff—when you have the most qualified workers in place.

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