How Machine Learning Is Impacting Candidate Sourcing

“Job Seekers need to keep their social media profiles current, accurate and clean because the intelligence that is offered to recruiter’s and hiring managers is robust and changing the landscape of jobs finding candidates and seekers finding jobs! Don’t get caught in the dust!” says Sharon Tsao, CMO, Contemporary Staffing Solutions.

Machine Learning Tools In Action

The fact is, machine learning and artificial intelligence are still in relatively early stages, but the entire point of AI and ML is that the technology gets “smarter” with time. Early adopters of technology will be leaps and bounds ahead of the competition as technology continues to evolve.

HiringSolved is a tool that allows users to apply machine learning to candidate sourcing. The algorithms utilized in HiringSolved search the entire scope of the internet for social media profile information. The data collected is used to source candidates that fit a specific set of criteria input by the recruiter. Recruiters can fine-tune their searches to increase or decrease the weight of certain criteria for a specific job, as well.  As the recruiter refines their criteria, the program generates smarter and smarter results.

Hiretual is another sourcing tool powered by AI and machine learning. Like HiringSolved, it scours the entire internet, using the scope of the world wide web as its “database.” This program is ideal for finding the contact information of passive candidates who match the criteria of specific job openings.  It will also calculate a candidate’s likelihood of making a move if offered a new opportunity.

“My programs offer clients the chance to set parameters around their ideal criteria for hiring. These guidelines vary greatly from one hiring manager to another. The CSSVSource solution has the machine learning intelligence to recognize a resume submittal and identify the chance that the hiring manager will or will not pick this candidate. The short-listing process and greatly improved since our tool has been upgraded with this feature!” says Stacie Bernek Rost, Sr. Program Manager, Contemporary Staffing Solutions.

How To Leverage AI and ML for Your Sourcing Needs

Implementing AI and ML tools for internal search team is costly, it requires extensive training, and it can be difficult to achieve buy-in from organizational leaders. Fortunately, there is a way to start leveraging the most cutting-edge technology to find your ideal candidates today, without increasing your overhead.

At Contemporary Staffing Solutions, we leverage technology every day to find our clients the precise type of candidate they are looking for. We deploy a mix of sophisticated strategies to ensure that we make the right matches quickly, the first time. If you are interested in learning how CSS can help you improve your hiring processes, contact our team today. We look forward to helping you achieve your recruiting goals.

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