How a Temp Job turns into a Career: CSS Client & Candidate Success Stories

Sometimes candidates are wary to take temporary/contract positions. Sometimes clients are only interested in the passive candidate, especially due to the war for talent. But in today’s Gig economy, everyone needs to purge their biases and think about the new normal, and the sourcing and vetting of candidates is entirely too time consuming to add that wrench to hiring.

What is the Gig Economy?

The Gig Economy is basically the growing trend towards the workforce being more accepting of freelance work, temporary employment, and part-time gigs because people’s priority today is work-family balance filled with enriching experiences.

“Hiring managers have so many options when they think about upgrading a weak team member, finding a replacement for someone who quit or adding a new position due to growth. Candidates are also overwhelmed with options for posting resumes, applying for jobs, networking and trying not to let their boss know. Going through a pile of resumes is overwhelming; let the experts at Contemporary Staffing Solutions handle this! says Sharon Tsao, CMO, Contemporary Staffing Solutions.

How should sourcing and vetting be the game changer?

Sourcing tools and resources are plentiful and artificial intelligence is changing the game: if it’s not your area of expertise, then leave it to the experts—like CSS! Vetting candidates involves assessing the cognitive, behavioral, cultural attributes, and overall motivators of the candidate, and CSS has access to these tools! Interviewing techniques run the gamut from top grading, behavioral interviewing, panel interviews, etc., which should be left to the experts. Closing the offer and keeping in touch with the candidate prior to their start date is also an art that should be left to the experts!

What is the difference between Temporary and Contract, you ask?

A temporary associate usually makes between $10 and $25 per hour and utilizes a skill set that would annualize their compensation to be approximately $50,000. This individual is less skilled that a contractor. A contractor usually makes between $30 and $150 per hour and offers a more experienced skill set that would annualize their compensation to be approximately $60,000 and up. Both employment types do not guarantee full-time employment but many times they turn into a direct-hire role.  Converting someone to a direct-hire role comes with a fee to the client if the conversion is early in the process or it comes without a fee if the conversion comes after the contract period.

Get Your Foot in the Door:

Temporary/contract positions offer excellent opportunities to both candidates and companies. Temporary-to-hire positions offer a trail run for both parties, and if the candidate displays their true potential, they can show an employer how much of an asset they are to their team and land themselves with an offer to go direct!

The Great Pay Off:

We don’t want you to just take our word for this though! Here are some previous CSS candidates and clients who took initiative and risked it all—for a great payoff!

  • Candidate Testimonials:

“I was skeptical of leaving a full-time position for a long-term temp position. I was not being challenged by my boss nor was I being recognized for my contribution. My pay was below average, and I felt stuck.  My recruiter’s words changed the trajectory of my thoughts. She advised me that the interview was mine and that I should concentrate on winning the employer over. I heeded her advice and was hired immediately. I am now a full-time employee with one of the best companies in NJ. Thank you for the best advice ever!”

“I was employed with Contemporary Staffing for a year and was treated so well. I have converted into a full time roll and am thrilled. I’m so happy here and without my recruiter reaching out to me and getting me on this path, I would have never had this great opportunity!

“During my two relationship with your company, my recruiter was great to work with. She was professional, pleasant, comfortable, understanding, knowledgeable, and always got right back to me with my questions and/or concerns. Thank you again for everything.”

  • Client Testimonials:

“I cannot say enough great things about your recruiters! The speed of their responsiveness and their customer care are OUTSTANDING! The quality and quantity of the candidates submitted are a 10! Everybody loves having the candidates your recruiters found here!”

“We’re going to bring one of your recruiter’s candidates on for our year-long contact—so there’s win for our partnership!”

“Working with your recruiter has been nothing less than a pleasure! One month, we decided to hire 70 contractors to start a couple months later. In addition to that, our requirements called for us to hire another 100 contractors starting a couple months after that. Your recruiter orchestrated interviews for over 250 people with without hesitation!”

“We have been pleased with all the candidates your recruiters provided. Not only this time around, but for all previous ones as well. So far, the associate you paired with us has fit in well and done a nice job of learning the role. She has been an asset and a pleasure to work with!”

Contemporary Staffing Solutions always considers the needs of their clients and candidates to appropriately pair them. We provide candidates with opportunities in our niches that they won’t find at other staffing companies, and we provide clients with vetted, qualified candidates.

Temporary/contract jobs may be intimidating, but it can turn an opportunity into an amazing success story for both clients and candidates!

Looking for a temporary/contract position? Visit our job board on or call us at 888-2-MY-JOBS to apply to positions in Accounting & Finance, Human Resources, Call Center & Office, Sales & Marketing, Information Technology, and Salesforce!

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