Getting Prepared for a Salesforce Admin Interview

With the rapidly growing demand for salesforce certified professionals in every industry, now is as good a time as ever to sharpen your skills and land your dream Salesforce Admin job! Contemporary Staffing complied a list of some of the most common questions asked during a Salesforce Admin interview. 

““Trail Head” is a self paced training course with layers of certifications that will help you build your credentials as a sales force expert. Start by becoming an expert Sales Force Administrator.  This is the #1 CRM in the world and we are thrilled to be a growing part of the eco system.” says Liana Trigg, Salesforce Sales Director, Peergenics, formally known as CSS Tec Services. 

Salesforce Basics 

Understanding Salesforce inside and out is one of the top value-adds that a Salesforce Admin will bring to any organization. You can expect to be asked about your expertise and demonstrate a thorough understanding of the CRM. Commonly, these questions will revolve around testing your general knowledge, asking you to define and explain Salesforce concepts. Some examples could be: 

  • Define the cloud. What are some advantages to cloud computing? 
  • Define PaaS, SaaS, IaaS. How are they different? 
  • What is a Role? 
  • What is a Profile? 
  • What is an object?
  • What are the different relationship types? 
  • What is a lookup relationship? 
  • Tell me about the different types of portals. 
  • How do you add, remote, and freezer users? 
  • How can you share a record? 
  • What is a Workflow and what components make up a workflow?   

Data Management Skills 

Once you have proven your expertise in the basic functions of Salesforce, you may be asked to dive a bit deeper into your data management skillset. Salesforce administrators must understand how to keep large data sets organized and easy to understand. Some common questions that revolve around data management are: 

  • Describe the steps you would take to create a report. How many types of reports can you have in Salesforce? 
  • What are the primary data management tools in Salesforce?
  • Tell me about your experience using Data Import Wizard. 
  • What experience do you have creating custom reports? 
  • Have you ever experienced data loss? What steps did you take to resolve it? 
  • What types of dashboards exist? When would you utilize differing dashboards? 

People Skills 

Salesforce Admins are frequently communicating directly with end users to onboard new employees and/or train in updates and new Salesforce tools. This requires the ability to condense complex Salesforce concepts into teachable language with strong people facing skills. Some questions that could test these skills are: 

  • Have you ever trained a junior admin to use Salesforce?  
  • Tell me about a time you worked with other admins on a collaborative project. 
  • What is a sandbox org and when would you utilize one? 
  • Tell me about a time that you were able to explain a complex concept to an end user. 

Bottom Line 

Salesforce Admins often are required to wear many hats and accomplish a long list of tasks, daily. These skills are just a few of the many skills that may be tested during a Salesforce Admin interview.  

“Landing the interview is half the battle so take a deep breath, remember to use specific examples from your experience, and knock your interview out of the park!” says Caitlin Wyskad, Recruiting Director, CSS Technical Services  

About CSS Tec Services 

CSS Tec, a business unit of Contemporary Staffing Solutions, has been a leading provider of contract, contract-to-hire, and direct hire technology solutions while also offering Project Management and implementations of Salesforce solutions. CSS Tec prides itself on internal retention, with the average recruiter’s tenure exceeding five years, as well as their strong, established presence in the Philadelphia Metro area. The CSS Tec team coaches you with current business intelligence so that we can manage your expectations.