CSS celebrates Throwback Thursdays!

Contemporary Staffing celebrates Throwback Thursdays!

Each week, we will feature a first job of one of our employees, clients, or contractors, posing 3 questions often asked in job interviews. They will share what they learned from their first job, and how they feel as though it’s applicable to their job today, and something that they’ve learned since their first job, that they wish they knew then.

What was your first job?

Alberta T., a CSS Employee, shares her first job:

Waitress at a coffee shop.

“I was only 13 or 14, so as a teenager, i was thrilled that my mom let me use my pay to go shopping for clothes that were the fad at the time. (unlike the little girl clothes she bought for me) I will always remember me and my sister running to the shops to buy things with every very minimal pay check we received. We thought having our own money was great.”

What did you learn?

Alberta learned “attendance was most important.”

She also learned to “treat people the way you expect to be treated.”


What do you know now that you wish you knew then?

“I wanted to work immediately when I graduated high school, to continue to have my own money. I wish I could have chosen to further my education after high school instead. I have since gotten my Associates degree, because just a high school education today doesn’t get you the good paying jobs.”

CSS Wants to know: What did you learn from your first job?!

Let us know below, or email your response to marketing@contemporarystaffing.com for a chance to be featured next Throwback Thursday!