Boosting Office Morale Through Incentives Programs

Part of your job as a manager is keeping your employees motivated. How do you accomplish that? Incentive programs are one great tactic that you can use to motivate your entire office. A happy employee is an employee who is happy to work! Here are some ideas to put into practice in your workplace:

Reward across the board. Often employee incentive programs only reward top earners, like a sales contest that rewards only the top salesperson. This actually lowers morale in your office because it divides the people who compete into winners and losers. A better approach is to offer a reward that everyone can work toward. Consider giving out bonuses for an employee’s hiring anniversary, for example. One year could be an extra $100 in that week’s paycheck, and five years could be an extra $500.

Join an incentive program. There are several companies that you can partner with to help offer your employees benefits. A popular option for small businesses is a company called Any Perk. For a small monthly fee, they offer your employees discounts that aren’t available to the general public at many different companies. Or you can work with a company you already do business with. Verizon, for example, offers an employee discount program for its existing business customers.

Small budget? Get creative. You can find a way to boost morale in your workplace no matter how big (or small) your budget is. Meaningful perks don’t have to cost a lot. You can invest in making your office more enjoyable with a nice coffee machine or a game table. If that’s still to much money, keep in mind that perks can even be free! You can offer a day of working at home in exchange for bringing on a new client. Or how about a bring your pet to work day? Think about the interests of your employees and you’ll be able to choose something that will keep them happy.

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