Be a Better Manager – Praise Goes Further Than Criticism

The use of criticism in management is common, and in the past, it was believed that this was the most effective way to highlight employee shortcomings and help them improve their performance. However, numerous studies have proven this as false and in reality, praise is a much more powerful motivator that works over the long term towards improving how employees do their jobs.

While you don’t want employees to believe that everything they do is terrific, you can steer your performance conversations in a different direction. For example, while it is important to acknowledge what an employee could have done differently, it is also necessary to praise them for the things they did right.

This takes the sting out what could have been a very awkward moment for the employee and provides them with the reinforcement they need to do better the next time. A balanced and positive assessment goes much further than an assessment that is entrenched in negativity and finger pointing. This will give your employees the confidence they need to improve what they are doing and help them feel as though their efforts are appreciated, even though they may not have done everything entirely correctly.

Accentuating the positive is also very important for new hires and will help improve your retention rates, particularly for positions that are more difficult to master and require a lot of effort on the part of the employee to meet specific goals.

Not only does implementing praise for your employees assist them in improving their performance, but it can also help improve your own outlook and the overall morale within your company. Negativity breeds negativity, and the same is true of positivity. If you give your employees positive reinforcement, you will see a change in how they react and how your business is run.

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