Attracting “Star” Candidates Requires You to Be Consistent on Every Front

We all want to get the best candidates for our available positions, but many companies make a key mistake that keeps them from attracting today’s brightest talents. It may surprise you that this mistake is inconsistent branding. If you’re not presenting a unified image to your new candidates, the best ones may decide to go with a company that they feel is a better choice, based solely on their impression of what you have to offer.

Stay consistent on all fronts is not only important for your customers, but it is also vital if you want to attract talent to your organization. Let’s look at a couple of ways that you can accomplish this within your company.

1. Keep everyone on the same page. Everyone involved in the hiring process needs to be on-board to ensure that your brand is broadcasted effectively during your search for candidates and throughout the entire process. Making sure that all of your people understand the necessity of broadcasting your brand will help make sure that you don’t have any weak links in your chain.

2. Use your brand on your job listings. When you post online job listings, advertise your openings on social media, or post the position on your own company site, you must use your brand information. For example, use your corporate logo on your job listings, even if it means paying extra to have this shown. If you have a marketing slogan, this needs to be displayed on the postings as well. Stay consistent and look at your job posting as a marketing opportunity, rather than just a job listing.

3. Choose the right places to advertise your openings. Just as you wouldn’t target an audience that had little to no interest in your company’s products, you wouldn’t want to make the mistake of looking for star candidates in the wrong places. Be selective with where you post your jobs and make sure they are placed on sites that are going to appeal to the type of candidate you want for the position.

4. Improve your email approach. If you use email prospecting to seek out candidates, once again, your branding information needs to be prominently displayed in all of your communications. This presents a polished and professional image for your company and keeps all of your hiring efforts unified, in spite of the different platforms you decide to use.

With the right branding approach, you will broadcast that your company is not only an employer of choice, but you’ll convince star candidates that your company is professional and the place they want to be.

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