Attracting and Retaining Gen Y Employees

The millennial generation or Gen Y as it is commonly called, is set to hit the workforce and employers may need to change a few things if they want to attract and retain this new group of employees. While traditional methods of interesting potential new hires still exist, a few modifications need to be made to ensure that you’re getting access to this new group of talented employees.

The Gen Y generation grew up mainly online and they’re used to being able to search and find what they want, including jobs. This may mean changing your strategy slightly if you’re not already using online job hunting sites such as

In addition to online posting, you’ll also need to become more active in the social networking hemisphere in order to attract Gen Y employees. If you haven’t already done so, create a Facebook and Twitter page and keep them updated frequently. When you have a new position within your organization, post this on these sites to further broadcast the availability. LinkedIn is another social networking site that is vital to reach this demographic.

Once you’ve got your new hires in place, you’ll also need to do a few things differently in order to keep them happy. Gen Y employees are used to a lot of guidance and hands-on parenting/teaching. You’ll need to mirror this with your employees. This means perhaps considering hiring a special manager who is patient and willing to walk these employees through the steps at first.

The Gen Y generation is also used to a little more flexibility and will be happier if they are allowed the potential to telecommute and to have access to more training and technology. While these are generalizations, and of course, every employee is different, these techniques will help endear your company to this new generation and ensure that you’ll be able to keep today’s best and brightest talent happy and productive within your organization.